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Sopra Ristorante : Buon Appetito! ♥


Hello guys !! Hello July !!

Fasting month has been running a half and FOOD always be a trending topic to talk about (at least for me).. Hehe.. So with all humility and do not intend to make you drooling, I will tell you about my visit to this well-running classic Italian restaurant.. ♥


Finally, I dine here !! After long time in waiting for the perfect time..

The overpriced issues make me thinking hundred times for just having casual dining here.. But yesterday, the all universe conspired to put me there.. whahaha.. (lebay bet dah ah)SP_HappyGoLucky_Stitching

Sopra Ristorante is very eye catchy.. It has fancy black-and-white atmosphere surrounded by other bright restaurants and bakery shop.. Welcomed by not-so-friendly restaurant host, we were escorted to non-smoking area with line of sofas and wooden chairs.. Anyway, I personally love the carrelage!! Those were so pretty..


We ordered at 5-something pm and asked the waiter to serve at 6 pm before Maghrib.. Near Maghrib, the waiter came with Takjil which was presented soooo beautifully in square heavy plate.. The Takjil consist of jelly drink, dates and dipped chocolate biscuit.. ♥


Not so long, the waiter came with the welcome bread and our ordered menu.. There were 2 kind of welcome bread which tasted (sorry) not so good enough.. Baguette and grissini sticks were served with balsamic vinegar, olive oil and unsalted butter.. Comparing to Pepenero, Sopra’s welcome bread left so behind both taste and variation except the presentation which was good..


For break fasting we had 1 appetizer : Spicy Chicken Wings, 2 main courses : Arrabbiata Pizza and Ravioli Ricotta Spinach with Bolognese Sauce and 2 sweet ice tea .. The food came in the same time as we told to waiter.. So our table was quite full then.. :p Here we areeeee ..



One portion of Spicy Chicken Wings, consist of 10 chicken wings, costs IDR 79.000,- ++ . Absolutely would make us drooling because its smells niceeeeeeee.. It served with 2 kinds of sauce, thousands island sauce and home made tomato sauce.. Well-presented in cutting board, very instagrammable .. Hehehe.. It tasted not too spicy and good with or without sauce.. In my humble opinion, the sauce was too standard comparing with Hard Rock Cafe’s.. Hard Rock served blue cheese sauce which really superb for chicken wings!! I wished Sopra would make this kind of sauce too.. Definitely, I’m going to prepare my second visit to Sopra if my request granted :p



My second try was Ravioli Ricotta Spinach with Bolognese Sauce.. Not so good-looking in presentation but taste sooooooo delicious.. Ravioli is Sopra’s home made pasta which is filled by spinach, boiled and cooked in bolognese sauce.. The bolognese sauce was very rich with tomato taste and basil leaf scent.. The ravioli itself was so delicate, which is good, but unfortunately lack of spinach filling..

One portion of Ravioli Ricotta Spinach with Bolognese Sauce costs IDR 89.000,- ++



Many people said that Sopra’s pizza was the best authentic pizza in town.. So, even we had already ordered 2 dishes, we were still tempted to order the pizza.. Hehe.. We chose Arrabbiata Pizza in singola size which consisted of 4 slices of pizza.. In Sopra, we can have a pizza in 3 choice of sizes.. Singola, original and family size for the huge sharing..

In Sopra, do not imagine that they’ll serve pizza with thick pillowy pizza dough as we usually get in Pizza Hut hoho.. Because Sopra claimed that there’s just no better original tasting pizza in town.. Yes, original recipe of CRISPY pizza came secretly from Italy hehe.. They made it crispy in the crust and tender in the middle.. I personally love the pizza but not the burned-crispy crust.. 😀

One portion of Arrabbiata Singola Pizza cost IDR 79.000,-



Overall, Sopra is one of worthy restaurants to visit.. We spent almost 3 hours there..  It has good ambience, services and parmesan cheese hahaha.. Unfortunately, Sopra is quite expensive for Italian restaurant..“La grande cucina italiana inizia con i giusti ingredeienti” Great Italian cooking begins with the right ingredients.. Most likely, this is the reason why Sopra is quite expensive.. Besides all the main ingredients have been especially imported from Italy..

Anyway, yesterday we had 15% discount promo on food..  Honestly, we didn’t notice this promo until the bill came.. Haha Lucky us!! The promo was applied from Monday to Thursday..

Well, thanks for reading my little review about Sopra.. I definitely recommend you to come and rate.. ♥





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