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Ngayogyakarta ♥

“Mlaku – mlaku neng Ngayogjokarto.. Lali omah lali wektu mrono konco mrene konco.. Rame-rame mampir ngombe umbar ngguyu.. Crito ngalor ngidul weteng luweh ora usah bingung.. Sego kucing ora popo rego miring monggo kerso.. Ngayogyakarto… Ngayogyakarto…” ~Ngayogyakarto,  Tony Q Rastafara



Finally this post is gonna be my closing story for The Liano’s 8 days 4 cities.. Yes, I have divided this trip into 4 stories because I couldn’t make them into one post.. If I put them together, it should be so long long story, indeed.. hehe.. Once more, you can read my first post about Cirebon and the old house here (part 1), then try a jar of yummy candied Carica here (part 2) and explore the dashing Mount Sumbing in Temanggung here (part 3)..


So this is the last post in the last city, Yogyakarta.. I spent 4 days there, met several siblings and hunted some photos with my brother..




Tickling adv, somewhere near Tugu Jogja 🙂



Menjual sego-segoan, sate-satean, gorengan dan wedang-wedangan.. Angkringan Gareng Petruk yang terang, gede dan punya tiker lesehan dimana-mana.. Hehe Lokasinya strategis dan happening banget.. Gaul banget kayaknya ni tempat..


Wedang Susu Tape ala Angkringan Gareng Petruk.. Seharga 7000 rupiah (kata orang Jogja mahal), tapi entah mengapa angkringan ini rame banget.. Kalo dari logatnya sih kebanyakan orang Jakarta yang dateng, ya pokoknya orang luar Jogja deh.. hehe.. Pas dicobain ya lumayan enak tapi gak kuat liat gelas dan sendoknya yang agak (sangat) kotor .. Apalagi liat ember cuciannya, welaaaah..

Recommend saya lebih baik coba Es Susu Tape Oyot Godhong-nya Mirota Batik.. Menurut saya lebih enak karena disajikan dingin, tape ijo nya lebih banyak ditambah susu tawar yang sudah di blend dengan es batu (mirip milkshake).. Yummy banget, gak kemanisan.. Pas!!




Found many kind of doors and “play” with them.. Very random anyway.. 🙂

By chance someone opened the door at time my brother took pic of me, so the result was kind like swooosh swiiiing me (the right one).. I thought it’s pretty awesome pic.. 😀



Some old tools for making Batik.. Unfortunately those weren’t sold.. Really want to have one for wall decoration perhaps.. ♥

 DSC_1539 DSC_1531

“Hello my name is Jenmis!!” He was brought by my brother.. He was quite excited surrounded the city.. Shopped some Batik, posed in famous landscape and ate yummy Gudeg .. How lucky you are, Jenmis!!!



The Liano’s 8 days 4 city is up to here, curtain closed, standing ovation.. ♥

Good bye Yogyakarta.. Good bye, holiday.. See you next time..







I do recycling, sewing, crafting – those are my passions that being destructed by office hours.. I’m ordinary but most time being distinguish and minority.. I don’t mind for being and looking ugly.. Because everybody’s ugly, they just pretend not to look ugly.. I watch people, their shoes and bags, sometimes I judge inwardly.. I’m little bit straight forward and I am not sorry for being straight forward.. I hear a lot.. I write words, my handwriting is adored by some friends.. I love taking pictures.. I prefer shoot than being shot, anyway.. Travelling sometimes, “mountains better than beaches” lately.. Be very fond of with smell of genuine leather, some vintage, rustic and traditional things..

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