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Give me a shot at the night, give me a moment, some kind of mysterious.. ~The Killers




Got a goose bump at very first view to this video clip of The Killers, Shot At The Night.. Amazing 80’s vibe with beautiful-handsomy cast who have very good chemistry.. LOoooove its storyline,though the ending is quite sad.. Cinderella must return to the reality, but yes she got shot at her night !!! ♥



Give me a shot at the night, give me a moment, some kind of mysterious







I do recycling, sewing, crafting – those are my passions that being destructed by office hours.. I’m ordinary but most time being distinguish and minority.. I don’t mind for being and looking ugly.. Because everybody’s ugly, they just pretend not to look ugly.. I watch people, their shoes and bags, sometimes I judge inwardly.. I’m little bit straight forward and I am not sorry for being straight forward.. I hear a lot.. I write words, my handwriting is adored by some friends.. I love taking pictures.. I prefer shoot than being shot, anyway.. Travelling sometimes, “mountains better than beaches” lately.. Be very fond of with smell of genuine leather, some vintage, rustic and traditional things..

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