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Gunung Bunder Bogor , beautiful waterfall and trees ♥

Leisure is a form of silence, not noiselessness. It is the silence of contemplation such as occurs when we let our minds rest on a rosebud, a child at play, a Divine mystery, or a waterfall. ~ Fulton J. Sheen




Hellooooooooooooo… (Well, it’s kind of excited opening, hehe)


Happy new year everyone, this post would be my first post in 2014 .. I tell you, my new year celebration was postponed to January 4th.. Hehe, That day I and friends went to a very good place for celebrating new year.. A “very good place ” for me means that those places have to be quite, refreshing and far from the noises such as trumpet’s sound and fireworks.. Uncommon for celebrating new year, huh?!! Anti mainstream (late people often say it) hehehe..

We went to Gunung Bunder in Bogor (gunung : mountain), local people often called it by that name.. Whereas government already declared it as one of the area which is located in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park .. Somehow can be named Gunung Bunder, I don’t know exactly ..


January 4th, 2014 Cloudy Saturday

8.45 in the morning, we went to Gunung Bunder .. To get there, we only need one and half hours from Bogor city with normal speed riding.. I suggested that we had to go earlier to avoid traffic jam and yeaah the traffic was quite friendly that day.. Thank youuu!!

In the middle of the day, we stopped by to a mini market to buy some snacks.. We bought coffee, cereals, mineral water and so on.. We were too excited till we forgot what we had to buy and not, because we tempted to buy all snacks (but ehemm.. still have to choose the cheapest one.. hahaha)

4 bags of snacks and 7 lunch boxes already on hand, let’s continue the journey… yeayyy


Hello Gunung Bunder !!

10.30 am , we arrived in Gunung Bunder .. We had to continue 2 more kilometers journey to our crib.. Due to damaged street (too bad) , our journey to there were quite long.. Huh hah, cool air made our belly shouting a.k.a hungry hihi.. We were sooo grateful, finally arrived to our crib Pondok Rasamala and had a lunch there .. Hey, hungry belly .. Are youu satisfied..? Hihihi


Cute and homy crib

2-floors crib, with 2 bedrooms 1 kitchen and 1 shower room..
Little girlies decided to take second floor, which would be very wrong idea because when then night comes it got colder here than the first floor.. What a poor us.. 😀


In Pondok Rasamala, we took a look around .. Aaah, this place was sooo perfect.. I whispered inside “Yes, this place would be my perfect hiding place..”



Teko kecil’s song :

Swinging following the wind..

Hearing water gurgling, cik cik cik..

Grass also dancing in the wind

The path of the stone sounds dug dug dug..

Na na naa na …


After had lunch and sang teko kecil’s song (what?!! haha) We were ready for visiting some waterfalls.. First we visited Curug Cigamea , this area have 2 famous waterfalls and one of the most visited waterfall.. On the way there, we would be presented by very goooood view and refreshing air.. An in the end, we were welcomed by beautiful waterfall, which was quite high and huge..


Look, right on the picture, there was 2 level waterfall.. We would go there!!


Just arrived, little girlies still didn’t want to get wet by opening umbrellas .. Let us see next !! Who would still insist not getting wet?!!


We couldn’t reach second level of this waterfall (which is higher than this), so we just enjoyed the first level..


Little girlies were so envy with this twos !! Actually I really wanted to enjoy this waterfall, but somehow it seemed dangerous to swim there .. -_-


Well, after refreshing waterfall Curug Cigamea.. We continued our second destination to Curug Ngumpet.. This waterfall has more friendliness spot, hehe.. The way to the waterfall was a little bit wilder than the previous Curug Cigamea.. Yes, right on our right side there was small stream with lots of stones.. The footpath was also slippery covered by mosses.. But the waterfall was no less interesting, so prettyyy ♥ ..


And guess what?!!

We met Mr. and Mrs. Monkey, some of them were carrying kid hihihi .. Wow, they were on huge amount.. So cute but still you have to be careful, however they are still our wild pals 😀



Welcome to Curug Ngumpet!! Ngumpet means hiding.. Yes, this waterfall surely seemed hide in the middle of forest.. Less crowded and bigger area for us to swim.. Didn’t have to think twice just throw yourself to the water and let’s go swimmiiiing … Yeayyy


Aaaaa, the water was so cold.. But I would be really regretful if I didn’t join them.. hehe..Finally all my friends swam together.. So, Who would still insist not getting wet?!! Nope.. hahaha

The scenery inside was quite clear.. I just thought for next visit would be more fun if I bring goggles and hot tea for enjoying sight seeing in this waterfall.. Hahaha ♥


Well, actually we visited 2 more waterfalls but I guess previous stories about Curug Cigamea and Curug Ngumpet were enough for tempting you to come to Gunung Bunder, hehe.. Enjoy them by visiting there yourself, guys..

Whoaa by having fun, time went so fast.. It was already noon, time to go back to our nest.. hehehe.. Then after cleaned up ourselves, we were all busy preparing BBQ Dinner .. Seasoning snapper, chicken and sausages were ready to be grilled.. Slurps.. Buon Appetitto … Nom nom nom..


I was so grateful for that day.. Although, in that night we were all freezing in the bed and couldn’t sleep well.. But we were sharing laugh, indulged our selves with beautiful scenery and closed the day by good meals.. Haha, hopefully those experiences quite impressed us, ya !! Thank you friends, let’s organized some “pay less” vacation next..


I don’t want to die in a car accident. When I die it’ll be a glorious day. It’ll probably be a waterfall. ~River Phoenix





I do recycling, sewing, crafting – those are my passions that being destructed by office hours.. I’m ordinary but most time being distinguish and minority.. I don’t mind for being and looking ugly.. Because everybody’s ugly, they just pretend not to look ugly.. I watch people, their shoes and bags, sometimes I judge inwardly.. I’m little bit straight forward and I am not sorry for being straight forward.. I hear a lot.. I write words, my handwriting is adored by some friends.. I love taking pictures.. I prefer shoot than being shot, anyway.. Travelling sometimes, “mountains better than beaches” lately.. Be very fond of with smell of genuine leather, some vintage, rustic and traditional things..

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