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Lost in megalithic era !!! (Gunung Padang, Cianjur – Indonesia)

“Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.” ~Edmund Burke



Last Saturday, the day to get lost in megalithic era finally come.. Hehe, yes, I and friends were escorted with some travel agent to Cianjur regency – West Java, Indonesia to see a megalith site in top of 885-meters-height of a hill called Gunung Padang .. On our way to Gunung Padang, we stopped by to Lampegan Station.. Years ago, this station was connecting Sukabumi city and Bandung city before finally was closed for some renovation.. At time we came, the renovation was still continued .. People around said, this station will be opened again at January 1st, 2014.. Waa, congratulation Lampegan Station 🙂




As I read about Lampegan Station here , Lampegan Station was built by Staatspoorwegen Westerlijnen company (by its name, everyone knows it belonged to Dutch, hehe).. This station was pretty old, it was established in 1884 ( wow, 130 years old already yup?!).. Lampegan comes from word lamp aan, which mean “turn on the lamp!”.. This word was shouted and ordered by train driver to his train crew while the train entered the tunnel.. lamp aan!! lamp aan!! to lampegan 😀



For no reason, this station was quite spooky maybe due to historical values in the past .. But the tunnel itself was beautiful, extend along 686 meters..


Came out from comfortable zone and befriended as much as possible!

Then, just discover a new friendship..


After 30 minutes enjoyed the historical values in Lampegan Station, we headed to Megalith Site Gunung Padang ..Yeayyy


It was 8 kilometers far from Lampegan Station and reached over half an hour due to severely damaged road (too bad).. Arrived to this megalith site, we had a lunch and started to climb 378-stairs which were pretty steep and challenging..

(Why did my vacation always related to stairs, climb the stairs ?! *sigh )


Fyi, Gunung Padang has the largest Megalith Site in Southeast Asia.. We should be proud of that..

Located at 885 metres above sea level, the site covers a hill in a series of terraces bordered by retaining walls of stone that are accessed by successive steps (about 400 andesit steps = 95 metres). It is covered with massive rectangular stones of volcanic origin.

Sundanese People consider the place as sacred and believe the site as a result of King Siliwangi attempt to build a palace in one night. The asymmetric Punden Berundak is facing up to northwest, to Mount Gede, mainly constructed for the purpose of worship and built in a position that has been noticed geomantic and astromantic factors. Based on megalith shape the site is built in 1,500 years BC.  (Wikipedia)


Welcome to 378 stairs !!

The picture above show you a starting point to the top of Gunung Padang.. Yes, it looked safe and ordinary but NO!! you have to scroll down your mouse and see next picture which describe our challenging and steep stairs to reach the top 😀


well, how?

The stairs were pile of stones which is soooo dangerous and steep.. I was so scared to look back, that would make me sick too because I felt like I would fall -_-

My heart beat so fast felt like it would burst

Gasping for breath .. *gasp gasp

My knee also trembled, couldn’t hold any longer ..

(Spotted : never exercising, hahaha)


Thanks god, I succeed “conquer” Gunung Padang !! Hahahaha (devil’s laugh*)


All the effort to reach this megalith site was paid with very very very beautiful view .. Now, my heart beat so fast because the scenery.. Hold your breath, I present you this :


Go grab some popcorn to enjoy other pictures below 😀





The rectangular stones were scattered around the megalith site.. Uniquely, those always have 3, 4 or 5 sides ..  These stones formed something meaningful, said Abah Dadi as our guide that day.. Come here to discover them, guys!! 🙂


In the top of the top from this megalith site, there’s a place for affirmation which supposedly said king from that era has his throne ..
There’s something bothered inside my head, how come this site was built .. How come those huge stones finally come to this site.. Research said and guaranteed this place was man-made, means in its era where the machine and sophisticated technology hadn’t come yet, those people had already build this masterpiece.. W-O-W

Anyway, my short trip was already ended here.. Hoaah actually I want to stay longer, but it was almost 4 pm that we have to back to Jakarta.. In that little time, I and friends took time to take a pictures.. Captured the best place with a good friends, such a complete happiness ♥




Thanks for Abah Dadi for the story telling in Gunung Padang 🙂

Last, thanks for all my friends for this excited trip which I really waited for almost 2 months hehe.. I’m so impressed with all of you guys, we were so “blended” yesterday such an old friend..

Let’s arrange next trip!! ♥


“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.” ~Earl Wilson





I do recycling, sewing, crafting – those are my passions that being destructed by office hours.. I’m ordinary but most time being distinguish and minority.. I don’t mind for being and looking ugly.. Because everybody’s ugly, they just pretend not to look ugly.. I watch people, their shoes and bags, sometimes I judge inwardly.. I’m little bit straight forward and I am not sorry for being straight forward.. I hear a lot.. I write words, my handwriting is adored by some friends.. I love taking pictures.. I prefer shoot than being shot, anyway.. Travelling sometimes, “mountains better than beaches” lately.. Be very fond of with smell of genuine leather, some vintage, rustic and traditional things..

3 thoughts on “Lost in megalithic era !!! (Gunung Padang, Cianjur – Indonesia)

  1. Don’t give up on your travel dream. Big, medium, small, or even tiny travel dream will come true and be yours one day. Just. Don’t. Give. Up. (Claudia Kaunang)

    For me, it doesn’t matter wherever we go, i just want doing holiday with my friends even only once.. So, do not make it hard or difficult to just make a trip,,,
    “Keep Calm and Plan a Travel”

    Next trip, guys~~~ ^^ Let’s Go~~~


    1. The best friends in the world are those who really always enjoyable to be together in a vacation, even the worst one .. (teko kecil)

      yang susah yang complain hmmm kelaut aja ah.. hehehe


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