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Delicious Cream Puffs from Beard Papa’s

The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverbs



Slurp slurp *wipe my mouth

Haha, I think I have to wipe my mouth first to start this post, because I already imagined the delicious cream puffs – the one and only fresh and natural cream puffs, BEARD PAPA’S .. Yum yum !! Beard Papa’s was a cream puff store started in Japan and now come worldwide, including Indonesia .. It sells choux pastry shell filled with whipped cream custard, available in vanilla, chocolate, and specialty flavors such as green tea, milk tea, cheese, Durian and Dates (available in fasting month and Eid Al-Fitr day).. Beside that, there are many choices for the choux pastry too.. You can choose eclair puff, coronel puff (scatter with dried cheese), almond eclair puff, white eclair puff or just plain puff as your choux pastry.. So we are freely to combine the choux pastry with filling as we like !! Gooood 😀


Last week, by accident I found Beard Papa’s in Terminal 3 – Soeta International Airport Jakarta (actually I had a flight to Jogjakarta for Ied vacation).. Without thinking and waiting, I stopped by to Beard Papa’s Store and bought 5 cream puffs : 3 vanilla, 1 chocolate and 1 dates flavored .. I ordered plain puff because it was bigger and cheaper, hehe (fyi the price was more expensive in Airport).. Outside, plain puff is 13k rupiahs (about $1,3) and eclair puff is 14k rupiahs but in Airport each puff is added by 2k rupiahs (-_-“) .. Beside the overprice, unfortunately the filling was lessen than the other Beard Papa’s store.. Overprice and lessen , what a spending !! (thankfully it still tasted yummy, hehe)



This is Beard Papa’s icon .. Why it has to be Beard Papa’s not a Papa’s Beard?! Hehe..

Now, I would like to show you the choux pastry choices .. Do not drool, okay ?!! :p

This is the eclair topped by chocolate, its size was smaller but more expensive than the plain one.. Will be tasty if you combine with vanilla filling.. I don’t recommend chocolate filling, because chocolate combo will taste bitter (instead you like the bitter taste)..


This is the white one.. Puff topped by white chocolate and almond.. This one is the more expensive puff.. I have not try it yet and will try so soon, hehe.. I think this is best if I combine with chocolate filling, because the sweet taste from the topping will be balanced by bitter taste from the filling .. Must be good !!


This is the eclair pastry puff (back) and coronel puff (front)..  I think cheese filling will be good for both of these puff.. Slurps..


And this one is peanut puff.. Puff topped by chocolate and peanut sprinkles.. Actually I don’t really like peanut, so I haven’t try it.. Maybe it will be good if it’s combined with vanilla filling ..


Look, these were my puff.. Each was already filled by flavored cream and mine were sprinkled with white sugar (anyway, white sugar is optional) ..


and now they were all ready to served .. chill and fresh *munch munch munch (don’t forget to pay, haha)



The best part of Beard Papa’s is the filling that served chill but the puff itself is still crispy.. My favorite is vanilla plain puff because it is not too sweet, so creamy and milky.. I think it would be nice if I add some fruit slices such as peach and strawberry to enjoy this vanilla puff .. Coupled with hot chocolate beverage, seems like on heaven 😀


PS : Since the size of this puff is quite big and its filling sometimes outpouring, I remind you to have a seat to enjoy it and prepare some wipes.. Otherwise you will have your puff spilled 🙂



There is no love sincerer than the love of food. ~George Bernard Shaw, “The Revolutionist’s Handbook, “Man and Superman






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