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DIY Long Legs Bunny

~…every good thing you have given to me, my favorite is the handmade one ~

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Hello !!

Last weekend I browsed some blogs which share some easy crafting tutorials .. Then, one blog catched my attention ““.. One of the ideas was about handmade socks bunny for easter gift.. The tutorial is here .. Easy tutorials, quick to create and easy to get materials .. What was I waiting for?! “Let’s make this DIY project as top list to do this weekend ” I said ..

I printed the tutorials and prepared all the materials.. 15k Rupiahs ($1,5) for pair of vintage stocks, stuffing (you can get the stuffing from the old dolls, rip the old one and take its stuffing, hehe), thread and needle (mine using sewing machine) and buttons..

This is the tutorials I have printed, but you can get the complete tutorials by click The tutorial is here



After I followed the tutorials, this is my unfinished socks bunny .. It took only 30 minutes to finish all the parts – body, arms and stuffing- I used sewing machine to sew the ear parts and the rest by hand stitched.. Stuffing was spent much time, because I had to make sure all the parts were filled enough or my bunny would fully in some parts only.. Hehe.. Then it took only 15 minutes for finishing – attached its arms and stitched its eyes and nose ..


My socks bunny is fatter and taller .. Look at her belly, full of stuffing .. :p


So here is my finished  socks bunny .. I decided to give her name Arimbi.. Arimbi in Indonesia is known as a giant who turn to be a goddess because of her pure love.. (Btw, out of topic! haha).. So by that name, I improvised making her legs longer, so she would look like a giant bunny but still she was as pretty as a goddess .. :p


I made her eyes from wooden button and stitched a red thread as her thin nose.. She looks a little bit flirty, right? *I think she much look like a gardener instead of a goddess..

f e g

The cloudy weather made Arimbi a little bit cold, so she wore a pretty scarf .. (she more concerned about the scarf, instead wore clothes hahaha) You are really swaaaag, Mbi!!

i h

This socks bunny is my first handmade plushy .. Sadly, my friends told me that this bunny a lil’ bit creepy.. But they didn’t realize how happy I made Arimbi.. She totally cute and pretty (not creepy at all).. Agree right? Then from now, every night she accompany me while I sleep and she get the best place in my bed with her own pillow 🙂

*posed before sleep with her new ribbon headpiece

j k

I hope you like my plushy and share yours ..



Credit to



I do recycling, sewing, crafting – those are my passions that being destructed by office hours.. I’m ordinary but most time being distinguish and minority.. I don’t mind for being and looking ugly.. Because everybody’s ugly, they just pretend not to look ugly.. I watch people, their shoes and bags, sometimes I judge inwardly.. I’m little bit straight forward and I am not sorry for being straight forward.. I hear a lot.. I write words, my handwriting is adored by some friends.. I love taking pictures.. I prefer shoot than being shot, anyway.. Travelling sometimes, “mountains better than beaches” lately.. Be very fond of with smell of genuine leather, some vintage, rustic and traditional things..

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